Integrated Search, Merchandising and Recommendations
Nuqlium is a powerful integrated cloud based online merchandising platform that delivers personalised experiences to improve customer experience, increase conversion rates, order values and grow your revenue.


with Personalised Site Search & Predictive Autocomplete


with Personalised, Automated and Visually Merchandised Collections


with Smart Recommendations and Content Targeting


Optimise your merchandising with actionable performance Insights

How Nuqlium Works

Customer Context

Gather customer context data
Customer Persona
Online behaviour

Campaign Director

Target campaigns based on customer context
Define rules
Set timelines
Coordinate marketing initiatives
Run tests to see which strategies work best & act on results

Merchandising Rules

Run your campaigns with fully automated to fully manual visual merchandisng control.
Incorporate customer context to drive highly personalised experiences.
AI based smart recommendations

Flexible Layouts

Customised layouts to display your search results, autocomplete, collections, recommendations and content anywhere on your website. Powerful scripting of templates to provide full control

Nuqlium makes business sense.

An investment in Nuqlium starts paying dividends from day one.

Increase Your Average Order Value
Boost Conversion Rates
Grow Your Overall Revenue
Promote Customer Loyalty

Make your investment go further.

Find unparalleled functionality with Nuqlium to take your e-Commerce capabilities to the next level.

Content Spots
Automated Categories
Personalised Navigation
Unlimited Rule-Sets
Personalised Autocomplete
Mobile-Specific VM Tools

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