Visual Merchandising

Nuqlium allows complete flexibility for both automated and manual merchandising.

Time is Money.
Automating tasks will save you both.

Automated Merchandising

Merchandisers can choose to run Nuqlium on auto-pilot with total peace of mind. We automate time-intensive processes such as boosting products that are well-stocked, converting better than average and have a higher profit-margin.

Merchandisers simply create rule-sets from their personal insights and Nuqlium takes care of the rest - accurately and instantly.

Imagine. Create. Inspire.
Nuqlium has the toolset for the job.

Hands- On Merchandising

Aesthetics, visibility and predicting a customer’s wants are paramount to ecommerce. With Nuqlium, merchandisers can drag and drop products within categories, search results and even autocomplete.

Content spots can be easily inserted between products in focal positions including banners, text and even video.

Better still, merchandisers can specifically VM for mobiles and tablets to ensure customers gets the same personalised experience regardless of device.

Fuel Curiousity and Discovery

Product Carousels

Display your products innovatively.

Create product carousels and campaigns on landing pages to engage customers and offer alternative options. Our virtual categories functionality will automate these for you.

Make your investment go further.

Find unparalleled functionality with Nuqlium to take your e-Commerce capabilities to the next level.

Content Spots
Automated Categories
Personalised Navigation
Unlimited Rule-Sets
Personalised Autocomplete
Mobile-Specific VM Tools

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