Virtual Categories

Never manually assign products to categories again. Automate it using rulesets

Your inventories are constantly changing.

Nuqlium sorts new and old products instantly,
delivering an efficienct solution that minimises revenue lost by downtime.


Creating seasonal or themed categories is an on-going problem for retailers.

On Nuqlium they are created based on product rules and can be managed manually or automated by the platform.

Once in place, new products are automatically assigned to these categories or removed based on whether or not they meet the rule-set. In the same way, ‘Mark-Down’ and ‘New-In’ categories can be easily automated to update as products get older or low in stock.

Make your investment go further.

Find unparalleled functionality with Nuqlium to take your e-Commerce capabilities to the next level.

Content Spots
Automated Categories
Personalised Navigation
Unlimited Rule-Sets
Personalised Autocomplete
Mobile-Specific VM Tools

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