Reporting and Analytics

Nuqlium helps you visualise and understand useful metrics so you can make informed decisions.

Your Data is Powerful.
Make Insights, Take Action, See tangible results

Reporting Suite

Our team has carefully curated a range of metrics specifically designed for eCommerce.

The reporting suite includes broad data of your historical and live performance as well as detailed breakdowns for individual products and categories (such as click through rates and relative category exposure etc). The metrics are displayed in a visual and interactive format that helps merchandisers to see trends as a whole and make granular insights at the same time.

Nuqlium's data is actionable.

There are action buttons thoroughout the suite that enable you to instantly repond to the data you see in front of you.

Make your investment go further.

Find unparalleled functionality with Nuqlium to take your e-Commerce capabilities to the next level.

Content Spots
Automated Categories
Personalised Navigation
Unlimited Rule-Sets
Personalised Autocomplete
Mobile-Specific VM Tools

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