Nuqlium delivers dynamic search results that predict and interpret your customers’ intent from the moment they begin searching.

Customers can't buy what they can't find.
Nuqlium makes shopping online a frictionless process of discovery.

Our Search Engine

Nuqlium's profound understanding of human linguistics is what makes it such a powerful search engine.

Our algorithms understand misspelled words, synonyms, hypernyms (a category word e.g. 'colour' is a hypernym of 'blue'), natural language words (like 'and' ,'the' ,'an' etc), word stems and merged words.

Nuqlium understands linguistic subtleties

When searching for “Jackets”, Nuqlium will return all sorts of overcoats, suit jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets and formal blazers. Clicking on any one of these will instantly refine search results as Nuqlium learns what specifically your customer is looking for.

At the same time, searching for “Blazers” will never return rain jackets.

Word stemming

Word stemming means Nuqlium will return results whatever form the search word takes.

Inputs such as “Zipped” to be transformed to “Zip” so results can always be delivered from your inventory.

Merged Words Enhancement

Our ‘Merged Words Enhancement’ feature means compounded words are split and searched for individually.

‘Boatshoe’ may not return results from your catalogue so the algorithm would instead search for ‘boat shoe’.

Make your investment go further.

Find unparalleled functionality with Nuqlium to take your e-Commerce capabilities to the next level.

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